What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a really broad challenge that affects the way someone communicates and interacts with other people.Each person with autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges such as communication issues, repetitive patterns of behaviour like hand flapping as well as repeating of certain words or phrases and responses to  environmental stimulus.


Our App provides a platform for the autistic community to overcome their social fears and interact with others on our social networking platform. Our Daily schedule planner helps them manage time and gradually master a routine all on their own!

Fantastic User Interface!

The app has all user friendly options and has an impeccable user interface with a display which has unique icons, making it easier for children and adults suffering from autism

Simple Interaction Experience

This simple interaction experience gives them a platform where they can feel independent and showcase their acumen, thus building their confidence.



Assistive technology can be used to support and enhance communication for young adults and children with autism by promoting independence, expanding communication, and increasing social interaction.

It can sometimes be easier for an individual wot autism to socialise via social networking than through mire traditional methods.

Making friends or communicating with others online can help them work on their skills that might translate in school, work or out in the community.

Technology can be helpful to some children, young adults and adults with autism everywhere. For example set by step “checklist” can help them stay on top of tasks and complete them in an orderly manner.

Make the community more Independent!

Reminder and Notes about certain tasks can be a great asset to ones life!

Our App provides “Visual Schedules”that is a great tool to help your child compete tasks and work on skills like self care, daily living, visiting a dentist or visiting a barber.

A visual schedule for an evening routine can help them learn to manage time and gradually master a routine on their own!

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