The Story Of We Can Express.

I happened to sit in my mother’s office one evening and when she was treating a patient who I later learnt was from the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was my first experience to come so close to seeing an autistic adolescent approximately the same age as me, having a completely different lifestyle.

I did some research and realised that there are no apps for ASD young adults. There are some for young children, toddlers but what about the young adults similar to the one I saw?

WE CAN EXPRESS  works on a multi platform interface. It can help the user overcome their biggest fears for some of the activities in their daily life and also navigate social challenges, like going to a salon or for a cup of coffee. There are also visual clues about their daily routine and could store and record information of their behaviours, emotions, likes and dislikes. This will help the user in facing and living in this fast changing world. The app also allows users to communicate with one another and share a record of improvement.

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Shruti KakarCreator of We Can Express