The Story Of We Can Express.

I was sitting in my mother’s office one evening and she was treating a patient who I happened to meet. I was intrigued by his confidence and attitude towards life. I later learnt that he was from the ASD community. It was the first time that I actually interacted with someone who was approximately the same age as me and had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This small interaction compelled me to research and learn more about his disability. I wondered how life would be from the point of view of people who have special needs. Reading about their stories, and their positive attitude towards life, I too wanted to learn how they manage to stay mentally healthy when everything around them feels chaotic. This urged me to meet more people, see their lifestyle and learn from their experiences, which is why I went to the Inclusive Education Centre in my school, where I was assigned as a mentor to Naitik.

After volunteering and mentoring at the inclusive education centre at Springdales School, I got a better insight into the lives of people in the ASD community and made an app that bridges the gap of communication faced by many.

The app, We Can Express works on a multi-platform interface. It can help the user overcome their biggest fears for some of the activities in their daily life and also navigate social challenges, like going to a salon or a coffee etc. There would be a lot of visual clues about their daily routine and could store and record information of their behaviours, emotions, any violent attacks, likes and dislikes.

This will help the user face this fast-changing world. They can also communicate and make new friends where they can share their record of improvement and encourage one another.

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Shruti KakarCreator and Developer of We Can Express

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